Charity Starts At Home

I room and a microphone. And a family I ain't seen in months/ And I played this record a million times just hoping that you'd play it once/" Phonte ColemanPhonte was one third of the North Carolina rap group Little Brother.  To those that were super hip-hop heads, Little Brother was a fixture in your... Continue Reading →

And Dreams…

A poem written by Timile Brown:I hear a calling to daylight my own voice did not sendReality is bending, twisting and standing on endAnd dreams are the windows to purely peaceful nightsWhere heartache dares not darken the door of such sightsOh the wishes once wishedTopped with sweetness, then kissedThe cheek of a starry-eyed delightWhat wonderous... Continue Reading →

Confident Parenting

In my college Educational Psychology class, my professor mentioned two things that have stood out to me for the last seven years: 1) Children are geniuses until they're five years old.  Parents mess it up. 2) A child's fears are learned behavior they pick up from their parents.I want to expound on these.  It does... Continue Reading →

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