9/02/10: Leaving Georgia Behind

September 2, 2010.  Timile and I were all packed up with our lives and cats in a U-Haul truck.  We moved out of our apartment in Smyrna, Georgia and headed to New York.  I never wanted to leave Atlanta.  I felt like both of our families had a little crazy in them and if people wanted to visit us they couldn’t come unannounced. Timile was beginning to not feel too well and knew she was in for a bad pregnancy.  By the way things started out, she didn’t think that she would be able to work but so much during this pregnancy if at all.  She wanted to move to Buffalo, where most of her extended family was and knew that they would help her out up there.  Buffalo was completely out of the question just because it was Buffalo.  After a good week of talking and fighting it out, moving to New York was the compromise.  It would have worked out because it was equidistant from Timile’s immediate and extended families in Virginia and Buffalo.

After taking the last pictures of our apartment, we went back to U-Haul to get the hitch to attach the car to our moving truck.  My friend Kofi met us up there to say goodbye and give his well wishes.  That was my good friend who had been with me through a lot of things over the last couple of years.  It was actually kinda sad to see him walk off and us go our separate ways.  We stayed our last night in Georgia around the corner at Timile’s cousin Tracy’s apartment which was around the corner.  I think it was fitting to do so because Tracy had been there for Timile through so many highs and lows since she came to Atlanta in 2004.

Around 10AM, it was time to hit the road.  The cats who were in a cage were put in the car with the window cracked and fed.  We got a little something to eat and left.  All I could hear in my head as “Why Georgia” by John Mayer as I was driving down I-85 and leaving perimeter that makes up the Metro-Atlanta area.  It felt like anytime you close a major chapter: you’re sad that its over, but you’re excited for what the future holds.  Atlanta was the place where I became an adult, made great friends, fell in love, and started a family.  Not to mention, I was looking forward to returning to Atlanta because that was our plan shortly after our child was born.  Atlanta became the place we talked about how much we couldn’t wait to return to.

The drive took 19 hours.  That’s about six more than it normally takes me to do the drive.  A U-Haul can only go  about fifty-five miles an hour or so and it really drags with a car attached to it.  A good two hours of that was my fault because I got the truck stuck twice and it took some serious maneuvering to turn it with the car attached to it.  It was fine, though.  Timile and I watched movies the whole way there.  We watched the Godfather Trilogy and other things that we’d seen before that we could laugh and talk through to make the time fly by. 

I crossed the Gothals bridge into New York around 5AM.  It took another forty-five minutes to get to my house in Long Island.  As we were getting nearer to the house, the sun was beginning to rise.  It was very appropriate timing; leaving the past behind us and the new day bringing along promise.  We were optimistic about what was next on the horizon.

Timile was almost out of her first trimester; so everything at this point was all speculation.  We didn’t know what we were having, what life would be like, what kind of parents would we be, would we actually raise out child in New York or really move back to Atlanta, etc.  Everything was optimistic and exciting.  More than anything, because we were happy to have each other and that third heartbeat Timile was carrying.

Things hardly ever turn out the way we expect them to.  I think that’s one of the reasons I don’t really live with expectations (that and you’re pleasantly surprised when they do).  Here I am, three years to the day from when I pulled up at my mother’s home in New York.  Looking at the child Timile was carrying who is sleeping off a fever from the night before (Who told me the other day that she wants to go to the beach with her mommy).  Because she’s asleep, its peaceful here; but that will change shortly.  Unfortunately, things didn’t turn out the way that Timile nor I planned, hoped for, or in our wildest dreams think that they would; but I’m thankful anyway.

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