More Cydney Quotables

It’s been two weeks so here are some more of the wonderful things my daughter has to say.

While being given a bath by my sister:
Courtney: Cydney, get in the tub.
Cydney: It’s too wet!

On a swing in the park while laughing:
“Daddy, you’re hilarious! You’re a genius! You’re disgusting!”

While my mother is driving and gets cut off:
Stop driving! Don’t kill us!

My aunt: I forget that you were born in New York!
Cydney: Yeah, in Buffalo! (She wasn’t born in Buffalo)

Me driving and getting cut off:
Me: (yelling at driver) What the fuck are you doing?!
Cydney: Daddy, don’t say that!

“Daddy, you’re a good daughter!”

Me: Cydney, it’s time to get out of the tub.
Cydney: (while splashing around) I’m a mermaid!

“I want to go to the beach. I want to go to the beach with my mommy, Timile.”

Me: Cydney, come on. Let’s wash you up and get dressed.
Cydney: Don’t undress me. I’m healthy.

To me:
“You’re my kid. You’re a good daughter.” *pats me on the back*

After buying her some candy:
Thank you daddy! You’re my king! *Heart melts*

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