Cydney, What’s Your Name?

Cydney is a personable little girl.  Everywhere we go she runs around, jumps, and draws attention to herself.  People smile at her and she is quick to draw up conversation immediately.  Usually people ask her how old is she and she responds by saying “Two!” all while holding up two fingers.  People say to her and I “You’re/she’s so pretty!” followed by “What’s your name?”

That’s when a simple question can become a mixed bag.  As of now, the answer is never Cydney.  It used to be; but now she has a few answers.  She may be Peppa Pig: a little girl pig from a Nick Jr show called Peppa Pig.  She might respond saying that her name is Sleeping Beauty, her favorite of the Disney Princesses.  Then again, she will tell you her name is Princess Sofia the First; a child princess from a television show on Disney Jr.  It depends on the mood that she’s in.  Most people just look confused when she says Peppa Pig because they do not know that show.  Most smile when Cydney says that she’s Sleeping Beauty.  Almost everyone says “Sofia?  That’s a pretty name!”  

I laugh and say “Cydney, tell them your name.” and she responds by repeating one of the three aforementioned names.  Because that’s who she is.  Sometimes she will not even respond when she’s called  by her birth name.  If she does, she says “My name is ______.”  

It’s part of the phase that she’s in and somehow demonstrates that she connects with these characters.  We all have names according to her name.  When she’s Peppa Pig I am Daddy Pig, my mother is Mommy Pig, my nephew is George, my sister is Grandma Pig, and my father is Grandpa Pig.  When Cydney is Sleeping Beauty I am Princess Man or Belle, my mother is Cinderella, and my sister is Tianna.  It all depends.  You are special to her when you’ve been given a name.

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