My First Halloween

This year is my first year getting to do Halloween with my daughter. There have been a couple of hiccups along the way, so I'm pretty excited about this. Cydney's first Halloween was my first day in Virginia and I guess it's appropriate that it was the day that the gates of Hell had opened.... Continue Reading →

A Message From Heaven

Yesterday I made my what seems to be monthly trip to church.  Since I usually get about three hours of sleep a night, Sunday mornings are usually when I try to catch up on rest and take it easy during the afternoon watching football.  It was Men's Day, and after I heard that Jeremiah Wright... Continue Reading →

Count Your Blessings

 < No one feels reassured by the phrase "It could be worse."  It doesn't help people put their problems into perspective and feel better.  If anything, it reminds people that they are going through adverse circumstances and they dwell on them a little more by comparing it to what others are going through.  When my... Continue Reading →

I Want To See Timile

I told Cydney that Timile died yesterday... After a long day of interviews, filming, and a meet and greet Cydney and I were taking the Long Island Railroad home. Trying to keep Cydney from falling asleep a little too early (it was 9 PM) without her bath and nightly rituals I was going over our... Continue Reading →


Before I caught the music bug, I played basketball for a good part of my childhood.  I played in a couple of leagues and school teams during the school year and tournaments during the summer until I got to high school from second to eighth grade.  Whenever I had a free moment, I wanted to... Continue Reading →

The Sunday Conflict

 I saw a friend of mine send out a tweet a couple of weeks ago asking "How many of yall actually turn the game off for your daughter's princess shows?"  She then said her father never did and Sunday was football day.  I laughed when I read this not realizing what she was referring to.... Continue Reading →

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