Video: Cydney and Her Mom


This is the wallpaper on my music computer. Not only is it a nice picture, but I keep this one up because of when it was taken. It was Memorial Day Weekend, 2010 at Panama City Beach, FL. I wasn’t on the trip, but it was when Timile was pregnant. Not knowing what she was carrying and how it influences everything I do for the rest of my life is why it’s there.

When my computer is off, Cydney will say “I want to see my friend, Tamille!” She then will move the mouse around until the image comes up. A few weeks ago she said to me “She’s at the beach! I want to go to the beach with my mommy, Tamille.” Yesterday, she turned my computer on and said “That’s my friend Tamille! She speaks to us.” My response was “Oh really?” For all I know she could be right.

That made me look in my phone at pictures of Timile and Cydney. Then I stumbled upon these two videos that were taken on October 2, 2011. They are the last two videos I have off Cydney and her mother. I thought I would share. Enjoy.

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