A Birthday Earned

We make big deals of birthdays.  We should.  Tomorrow isn’t promised and the beginning of a new year is a reason to celebrate.  The last three October 7th’s have been something else for my mother.  In 2011, she was just diagnosed with cancer.  In 2012, she had undergone surgery, chemo, radiation, and was celebrating overcoming breast cancer.  Three months later, she was told that it had come back.  By March, she’d undergone another major surgery and was back on chemotherapy by May.  It’s been a long summer dealing with physical therapy and having to go through the nausea and all that comes along with chemo treatments.  There are days she doesn’t want to continue.  When bad days come along, are times she feels like she doesn’t know what she’s continuing fighting for.  This October 7th was harder to get to than any other one.  Not just from the physical part of fighting, but continuing to find the will to proceed.

Family can be something else.  No one knows you better and can be the most selfish.  So many complexes and dynamics that are deep-rooted all the way to childhood at times can do more damage than good.  That may have happened yesterday to my mother, but I wasn’t going to let that ruin her day.  I shrugged off the drama and reminded my mother it’s her day.  Nothing else matters until tomorrow.

October is breast cancer awareness month.  Just about everyone knows someone who has been through this.  Many have died.  But with the recent medical advances, the number of those succumbing due to complications has decreased drastically.  I pray that my mother can continue to do so.  She deserves it.  Happy Birthday.

One thought on “A Birthday Earned

  1. Hats off to you! It’s said that a woman is a natural mother: still we find it difficult when it comes to raising our child. How you do it being a single daddy? I guess, when you have to do it, you get the will and the power. God bless you and your little baby!


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