Cydney’s Favorite Songs

My parents aren’t your average parents.  They’re both pretty artsy people (my mother teaches art and my father is a musician), don’t look or act like they’re in their mid-fifties, have are blonde, and have tattoos.  They’re pretty cool people.  My sister and I grew up listening to r&b and popular music-as if they thought my sister and I were too cool for corny children’s music.  There’s nothing wrong with children’s music.  It’s great.  It just did appeal to us.  For our third birthday, our parents bought us microphones with speakers and lights attached and we christened them by singing The Boys’ ‘Dial My Heart’ to the family members at our house celebrating with us.  I also remember at one time if you called our house the answering machine would play my father, sister, and I singing Al  B Sure!’s ‘Get Off On Your Own Girl.’

Cydney is a cool kid as well.  While we watch Nick and Disney Jr all day and she loves those songs, she likes r&b and rap music.  She turns up when ‘Bugatti’ by Ace Hood comes on, sings SWV’s ‘Cosign’ at the top of her little lung-lets, and jumps up and down on the nearest cushion or mattress when the hook from A Tribe Called Quest’s ‘Oh My God’ rings out.  With that said, enjoy a play list of our favorite songs to party to on a daily basis.


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