Once Again…Cydney Quotables

After going No. 2 on the potty: Me: Way to go, Cydey! *Singing Tom Jones* “She’s a lady!” Cydney: *Singing back* “I’m not a la-day!” Cydney: My name is not Cydney! I’m a princess! Me: What’s your name? Cydney: Sofia the first. Me: Cydney! Cydney: Hmm? “I’m gonna kill everyone in the car!” “I feel […]

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Stressed Out

I hate A Tribe Called Quest’s ‘Beats, Rhymes, and Life.’   I don’t hate it like most other people do.  It’s not because this album was a departure from what made Tribe’s first three albums classic and ultimately the beginning of the end for them.  I hate it because it reminds me of where I was […]

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Cydney loves to play soccer. It’s been one of her favorite games to try to play for the last seven months or so. I’ve been taking her to the field on Saturdays to informally introduce her to the game, watch the kids play, and encourage her interest so that she can begin to take lessons […]

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Slow It Down

“Sometimes I think I’m from another world (Preach!).  When I’m tryna tell a girl exactly where I stand at. I want a girl when I want a girl.  And when I don’t want a girl, I want a girl who understands that.” Yesterday, I was at the grocery store with my nephew and Cydney.  My […]

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