When Family Guy Got Real

Last Sunday the writers of Family Guy killed off Brian the dog. He had been in every episode since the pilot in 1999 and his fate ended with him succumbing to his injuries after being hit by a car. Most people I know were actually saddened by this because almost everyone knows how it feels to lose a four-legged loved one; especially when they die so suddenly.

Yesterday afternoon after an interesting Thanksgiving weekend my mother was cleaning out her car. It was a nice day and the kids went outside and played while she did so. Cola, our dog ran outside like she always does before someone can get to her. Usually we’d let her run around the front yard and terrorize anyone who walks by. She means well, but she barks at everyone. My sister comes in the house upset saying “This is why I don’t like letting the dog run around outside. She just got hit by a car.” I was braiding Cydney’s hair so I couldn’t go to look at the moment while I had my daughter sitting still for a change. My nephew came in crying shortly after.

We tried to go to an animal hospital, but the one we went to was trying to charge $1700 on some bogus scam shit so we left. She laid there in her bed until we could take her the next morning.

This morning, I took her to another animal hospital. After an examination and an x-ray, the vet said that Cola had several fractures in her pelvis. One side was almost separated, but they are pretty bad on both sides. The vet explained our options: spend thousands on surgery or she would have to rest in a cage for four to six weeks. I love the dog and all, but spending thousands? Nah.

The vet told me that with either option, Cola will probably never be able to run around again. Best case scenario, she’ll be able to put weight on it again and be able to walk. No more jumping around and all of the things that one year old dogs do.

I’m that guy who looks at every little thing that happens and turn them into life lessons be being all existentialist. Cola is a little terrorist. She annoys the cats, eats their food, and has chewed up hats, shoes, and even a present my grandmother gave me from Russia twenty years ago. I’ve wished over and over again that she wouldn’t do that. She’d pee and shit all over the house no matter how much I’ve tried to train her and it’s ruined the living room floor. With all of that said, be careful what you wish for. You don’t know how it will come to fruition. I’d been agitated by Cola’s antics, but I’d rather her chew stuff up then become what she is and will be.

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