Speed Kills

Yesterday evening I picked my nephew up from karate class.  As we were walking to the car, we were talking about him possibly playing soccer next fall.  I asked him how was he going to have time to play soccer, football, karate class and school.  He replied “Because a boy’s motto is speed.”  Thinking about how he rushes through his homework and I said “A man’s motto is to take your time and do everything right.”

We went to TGI Friday’s for dinner and got home about 8:30 or so.  It was time for me to relax and watch the Knicks game after a day of writing and running around doing errands.  My mother asked me to check my nephew’s homework.  He had finished it before karate class while I was finishing up putting Christmas lights on the window.  So, as I checked his eight math problems, I noticed that only one out of eight was correct.  It wasn’t that he didn’t know what he was doing; he was rushing through it so it was almost all wrong.  They were careless mistakes.  Needless to say I was a little peeved by this.  I couldn’t enjoy watching the Knicks continue to stink up Madison Square Garden like they’ve been all season.  

I paused for a minute.  Rubbing my temples I tried to think of the right words to describe how pissed off I was.  After reprimanding him and saying the line I say multiple times a day to him making him the only seven year old on the planet to not understand this: “This is the WRONG time of year for you to be messing up!  CHRISTMAS IS TWO WEEKS AWAY!!!!” I reminded him of our conversation we just had as we left karate class.  I said had he not rushed, he wouldn’t have to redo this homework assignment and I would have been able to watch the Knicks game in peace.  

I came up with a solution.  I turned the table that Cydney and he sit at for dinner towards the the couch I was sitting on, turned up the volume on ESPN, and proceeded to watch the game being as loud and excited I could muster.  Every time he turned around he would be in trouble and would lose something for Christmas.  Three times turning around would result in a hand to buttocks situation.  He didn’t turn over not once.  To turn up the pressure, I turned the Knicks game off and changed the channel to Disney XD; his favorite channel to watch.  I really wanted to see if he was going to turn around and watch.  He didn’t.  Good.

It seems like the closer I get to Christmas, the more Cydney and my nephew have decided to act up.  While I’m excited about the holiday I’m already over it.  I’m going to reserve what’s left of my holiday spirit for giving a friend of mine their Christmas gift, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.  But I can’t wait for all three to be over because trying to make it to all three have been pretty stessful-all for no reason.  Can someone send me some of their Christmas spirit via email?  Thanks.

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