My Beef With the Bubble Guppies

So that you all know this comes from a light-hearted place.

Cydney loves the Bubble Guppies, or Gubble Buppies as she calls them.  It’s a very entertaining show.  This morning while Cydney was watching I stopped my writing for the day to notice that the episode was about Egypt.  In which the mer-children and their fish friend, Grouper broke into song about how nobody nose what happened to the Sphinx’s nose.


Oh, really?

Actually, we have an idea.  So for a quick lesson let’s start here.  Egypt is the name of the country where the Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, and stuff are.  What is called “Ancient Egypt” was and is known as Kemet.  Do we call the Roman Empire “Ancient Italy?”  No.  Secondly, here’s what really happened to the Sphinx for those that don’t know: it’s nose was shot off.  What had happened was that some say it was Napoleon who did this-others don’t agree-but as artworks and treasures of Kemet were found, the noses were taken off because much of what Europe had lauded, adopted as their own, and so on and so forth actually came from Kemet.  These statues had broad noses which is a trait of people of African descent.  

Much of Europe borrowed from Rome.  Rome borrowed from Greece.  Greece borrowed from Kemet.  And the big surprise: Kemet borrowed from Kush, an empire located at the southern part of the Nile River located in present day Ethiopia.  Yep, smaller pyramids dated earlier than Giza were found there first.  For all you hip hop heads, we’ll call it sampling.  And now to really blow a mind or two: the Hippocratic oath-the one all doctors/physicians take and swear by-was stolen too.  Hippocrates took it from Imhotep who is considered the father of medicine and math (I always found it ironic that the man that took this oath and claimed it as his own sounds eerily similar to hypocrite…ain’t that some shit?).

Yes, I know Bubble Guppies is a children’s show.  Kids are inquisitive and would ask what happened to the nose.  But drawing attention to it and telling a blatant lie isn’t fair.  I’m not just being pro-black because I am (okay, maybe a little bit because much of my history is hidden like this), but I think it’s unfair if this were done to anyone.  Sure children’s stories have been changed so that kids can live the dream (ie: the Little Mermaid kills herself in the real story) but that’s different.  It’s still something made up.  This is something real.  

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