Coming Full Circle

Cydney and her Spelman shirt.
Cydney and her Spelman shirt.

I don’t usually post on Sundays.  Other than The Weekend In Pictures I don’t think I’ve ever written on a Sunday.  There’s been a lot going on in my life these days and when the time is right I will divulge in great detail with hints of humor along the way.  I do have something to share, though.

Cydney’s third birthday is Friday.  Needless to to say that the beginning of the storm in my life started that day.  The days of happiness and the struggle that made me a man started the day after.  Whether I am actively thinking about it or not, it does affect me around this time of year.

I’ve had a lot on my mind and heart these last few days.  In the midst of my most feeling sad and hurt I received something in the mail from my friend from college Christian and her daughter Mchenzie.  It was a sweatshirt from her and Timile’s alma mater,  Spelman College.  I’m a Morehouse Man so Cydney has no choice in where she goes to college–she’s legacy now and I know that the day that I take her up to campus on that first day alumnae around the company will be happy to see her and have been looking forward to welcoming her there.  (Christian I’m about to put you all the way on blast so you’ll just have to be okay with this).  She also sent a letter along with it saying that she had been meaning to send this but consider it a Valentine’s Day/Birthday gift.  She said that she cherished by blog and watching my little princess grow up.  She ended it saying that I am an inspiration.  If I wasn’t such a thug I would’ve shed a tear.

I met Christian in 2003 during my freshman year in college.  It was my eighteenth birthday and my roommate Mensah and my friend Justin were having dinner at ESPN Zone on Peachtree St. when Buckhead was the place to be at night in Atlanta (Remember that?! I feel old now).  My best friend Brandon was at Johnny Rocket’s down the street having dinner with his Spelman sister and after we’d finished we met him up over there for a quick minute.  That’s where we met.  Christian was Brandon’s Spelman sister and I thought she was cute.  I like em tall and she’s like 5’11 so I paid attention even though I didn’t.  Brandon hit me up a day or two later and said “Happy Birthday, my sister Christian told me to give you her number.”  Win.

We became friends.  Most of us being friends consisted of me talking shit about her being from Oklahoma and it being in the middle of nowhere.  She once told me that I was a walking contradiction because things that I would say and do often conflicted but for some reason it always made sense.  I always remembered that because that was and is an accurate description of my personality.  I live outside the rules and confines of regular life and just because I’m me it works and it’s cool.  I think that’s the reason a lot of people who are in my inner circle are in my inner circle because most of us are like that.

Christian was an English major.  I was in advanced English but I’m not the greatest technical writer (One of my friends who is an editor reads my blog and always tells my we need to work on my punctuation).  I knew that and for my last paper had to write something and I wanted it to be amazing so that I didn’t have to write a final research paper.  I called Christian up and asked her to check it out.  She came all the way across campus and took a look at it.  She told me all of the grammatical errors that was in it and what I needed to improve.  I remember repeating a word over and over again.  I was informed not do do this and to be effective in the point that I may be trying to make to use different words and invest in a thesaurus.  It’s a lesson I never forgot.  She helped me learn about how to write more effectively.  To this day almost every time I write and I am trying  to convey something or I am thinking about writing a word over and over again I hear her telling me not to do that.

Looking at the letter that Christian wrote for herself and on behalf of her daughter it made me smile.  The truth is while it may not have seemed like a big thing I wouldn’t have been able to do this without her help ten years ago.  From being a not so great writer to a pretty damn good one and being acknowledged by someone who helped me was me coming full circle.  You’d be surprised how often the little things you do to help other can change someone’s life.  It may not be something that they ever think about but it could wind up unlocking something in them they had no idea they could do or use.  I’m sure Christian has never thought anything of this and may not even remember that but I did.  It’s the way that I try to live my life as well.

Christian thanks for the inspiration.

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