A Funny Middle School Story about ‘Cupid’


With Valentine’s Day coming up at the end of the week I thought I’d do posts themed around it for your entertainment.  I figured my first one should be a musical post.  This one will be about 112’s Cupid.

I remember the first time I heard 112.  My sister and I were in the car on our way to Alley Pond Park with our father to go rollerblading on Memorial Day in 1996.  I was in fifth grade.  We were listening to Hot 97 and the song that played right before it was Montell Jordan ‘I Like.’  Right after 112’s ‘Only You’ played.  Both songs were in the same key.  I was wondering why this song was so long and how did Montell Jordan go from sounding like Montell Jordan to a Spanish guy (that’s what they sounded like to me)?  Then I heard the Notorious B.I.G.’s verse on it too.  I thought the song was dope and it had Biggie on it.  Of course by the end of the summer the song was everywhere and the remix with Ma$e on it was flames.  I had the cassette single and everything.

112’s album dropped and I liked their second single ‘Come See Me’ as well.  But it was the third single that changed everything.  Cupid was the joint and it came out right around Valentine’s Day.  So all of us that thought we had little crushes on girls this was the song that had us thinking about them.  I was in sixth grade by this time.  I had a huge crush on this seventh grader ( I think that was the same year I had a crush on this Domincan girl in my class and I gave her a chocolate rose during class and no one saw it.  I really thought I was Romeo in my head).  I thought she was so fly.  Every once in a while she’d say something flirtatious to me but as shy as I was I was thinking what would this seventh grader want to do with me?  I had a friend or two in sixth grade who were able to pull off seventh grade girlfriends and of course that made you the shit back then.

The big Valentine’s Day dance at my middle school was coming up.  That meant from 6-9PM Louis Armstrong Middle School was on and popping as the cafeteria morphed into a meet market.  You’d grab a girl and dance with her in a way that’s not really too appropriate for being a tween while the nerdy dweebs played with gameboys along the wall.  It wasn’t like it is these days.  There was still a somewhat innocence to it because we were kids just realizing what hormones were and just wanted to touch a girl and they wanted to be touched back.  

The last song of the night was 112’s ‘Cupid.’  I was too nervous to dance with the girl I’d had a huge crush on; but by the time Cupid came on I had summoned up the courage to ask her to dance.  By the time I got to her, she was already dancing with this other guy.  They were all slow dancing closely and I think I even saw a kiss.  My heart dropped.  I had no one to dance with and just sat there for the whole 4:16 and watched them until the lights came on and it was time to go home.  During the bridge where Slim croons “Ahhh-hoooooooooo! No! No! No! No! No” was EXACTLY how I felt.  I’m still cool with most of my middle school friends and the guy she was with was part of the crew.  I won’t say no names but the next time I see them I’ll probably say who it was (because I know y’all are reading this and one of you are laughing hysterically).

I forgot all about this story until the other day.  As I’m writing this I’m laughing out loud.at myself but at the time it damn sure wasn’t funny.  But as of now, it is.  We all have heartbreaks around that time of year.  It happens to everyone.  When my daughter is that age and someone breaks her little heart I will try to refrain from killing them, tell her this story for her to laugh, and then we will celebrate her birthday and it’ll be awesome.  I have a sense of humor and not only can I take what I dish out, but I’m more than willing to laugh at myself when I get embarrassed.  So here’s a story to laugh at my expense.

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