Time For Cydney and I To Go Our Separate Ways


Cydney has been on the daddy daycare plan since she’s been back with me the last two years.  It’s the inexpensive route because with the peanuts that I make spending close to $800 a month just doesn’t cut it around here.

It’s time for Cydney and I to do something different.

I do the best that I can for my little girl within my parameters.  She wakes up late so that I can get up early, do a full day’s work before it’s time to do my dad duties for the day, then clean up the mess she makes around the house, and by the time she passes out after the bedtime struggle I’m beat even though I still have more work to do.  I’ve been getting more and and more tired since  2014 started.  I have more and more work to do, so work has significantly seeped into the time that I take care of her.  It also takes more time for me to do work because I’m sitting at my computer while someone wants to sit on my lap, type, and wants my attention.  I’ve been letting TV raise her a little more than I want to.  

I’ve been trying to make my circumstances work for me, but something’s gotta give and I’m the one suffering.  I’ve been running for the last four years without much of a moment to take a breath or get just do the things that I’d like to do.  I’ll get more into this maybe tomorrow or so, I have a post in mind for that.

On Saturday at my nephew’s baseball breakfast when all of the kids wanted to run around Cydney was more than happy to run around with them.  When it was time to go she grasped on to a little boy because she wasn’t ready to go.  The same thing happened about an hour later at Modell’s.  She just grabbed onto a little girl and said “No!”  Looking at her for a distance it pulled at my heart’s strings a little bit.  Cydney is often a loner around kids playing by herself at birthday parties and is more comfortable around adults.  That’s because she goes with me everywhere I go.  Now she’s ecstatic to be around people her age.

Because we’ve spent so much time at home the last couple of months (hence no Weekend in Pictures) she goes wild when she’s out the house.  At the mall she wants to run around everywhere.  As if the house that she spends all of her time in is confining.  I understand because I feel the same way.  She never wants to leave the store and get back into the car.  I think in January she spent nearly two weeks at home with leaving the house not once.  I didn’t really leave either but I would still run an errand or two.  I feel bad because there isn’t much that I can do about it at this time in life.  

  She’s happy to be around me and loves to have daddy’s attention all day and night.  I think we’ve both reached the point where we need more from our lives than what we currently have.  It’s time to put her into preschool.

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