Soccer Dad Chronicles


So after how last week went down Cydney had to practice.  She isn’t in preschool so the idea of following rules in the way that her coaches had instructions isn’t really part of her lexicon.  In our backyard or while my nephew was at baseball practice we would do the drills that she’d learned the first Saturday so that she could be ready this week.  I think that Cydney is pretty good for a three year old; but she’s out there playing with four and five year old girls and of course my pride says that I want her to be the best girl on the field.

When we got to the field on Saturday Cydney was ready.  When they did most of the drills she was participating much better and following instructions.  She wasn’t here for the “Put your [body part] on the ball” game but that wasn’t one we’d really gone over much.  It will be added to at home practice, though.  When they introduced a new game which was teaching the girls how to roll the ball backwards on their field she wasn’t quite getting it at first but eventually she did.  She even stayed on her field as opposed to kicking the ball all the way to another one.  She’s slowly becoming one of the girls out there.

Then it was scrimmage time.  At first they put Cydney at goalie.  She didn’t quite understand this yet.  Neither did the girl on the opposing team as she tried to block kicks with her feet.  I think the idea of using her hands at this time may have got a little confusing since they were taught they in fact aren’t supposed to do so.  Cydney stood there and danced at the goal.  I tried to get a video of this because I was once again thoroughly entertained.

Then it was Cydney’s turn on the field.  She still was behind the ball.  If the ball went one way she’d go the other.  She was trying her hardest.  She got one or two kicks in.  When the ball would come her way she would freeze.  One of her coaches and I would say “Cydney!  Look, there’s the ball!  Kick it!”  She is just a little slower than the other girls because of her age.

Eventually Cydn had enough.  She ran over onto another field of girls with different jerseys.  She wanted to play with them.  The coaches and I called for her but she didn’t want to listen.  I went over to get her.  I ran on the field and apologized, picked Cydney up with one hand on my shoulder and tried to scurry off.  Just as I was scott-free another little girl came from nowhere.  I tripped over her and Cydney fell with me.  I broke most of the fall but Cydney caught a little of it.  She started crying.  I checked to see if the other girl I tripped over and she was okay.  We walked back to our own field and Cydney was still crying even though she was upset.  She was hurt that I’d fallen with her.

Then the real reason why she was upset came out as she moped on the field.  She was upset that she wasn’t getting the ball.  It seemed like no matter how hard she tried it just wasn’t happening and this was why she had left to go play in another game.  The coach made sure she got the ball once or twice.  But the way that she dribbles the ball up and down our yard or at home she wasn’t able to do and was getting upset that it kept getting taken away from her.  I have tried to work on this at home with her and she does it pretty well.  I think she may do better if there were two of us trying that she was trying to take the ball from.

With all of that said, Cydney was still enjoying herself out there and having a good time.  We’ll keep practicing and I’m sure her next game will have some surprising stories as well.  They’re off Saturday because of Spring Break.  Maybe I’ll have something to write about next week because of our practices.

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