Soccer Dad Chronicles: Week 5


I didn’t get around to posting about week 4 but that’s alright.  Cydney is getting better and better at the drills that she’s been learning.  I’ve seen an improvement in all of the girls, but Cydney has really made strides (I’m not just saying that because she’s my daughter).  

This Saturday, Neighbour was the one facilitating the instructional period.  I didn’t tell Cydney this because I thought it would be a pleasant surprise and the cherry on top of what she’s already looking forward to each Saturday.  All of the other times I’d been out there with Cydney even before she was playing I had never paid attention to Neighbour as a coach.  I thought shw was amazing with the kids.  Just as a dad she kept the girls engaged and I found her to be the best coach out of all of them so far.  

The girls started off huddled up in the middle.  Neighbour pulled out her cell phone and pulled up “Let It Go” in which all of the girls sang loudly.  I have learned that if you want to get a group of little children engaged and on the same page the best place to start is with something call and response or in this case, singing.  While Team Blueberry and Team Frozen had their inner Elsas channeled they were ready to go.  The instructional period began as the dribbled their balls around and waited for Neighbour to yell “Freeze!” and do toe touches while standing in place.  Cydney of course had her moments where she wanted to do her own thing and she kicked the ball into the goal a few times.  Unlike most weeks, Cydney didn’t do her own thing and needing a coach to rope her back in to follow along.  I credit half of this to preschool and the other half to Cydney wanting to be impressive because she knew who was watching.

The girls spent half of the instructional period playing a game i later learned was called “bing ball.”  It was kind of like tag.  The girls dribbled the ball around as fast as possible as their coach would try to kick their ball.  If she was successful, they had to freeze, hold the ball on top of their head with their legs open, and wait until another girl kicked their ball through her legs, and then they could continue.  Cydney got binged a lot.  All of the girls did for that matter.  Even Neighbour got binged.  But the girls were loving this game.  Cydney loved it so much that she wanted to play the game with me the next day in the yard.

Then it was scrimmage time.  Cydney has accepted her fate that this part of the game isn’t for her.  She just wants her own ball to kick into a goal.  CYdney is already kind of a loner and wants to do things this way; but on the other hand she is a social butterfly and loves to play with other girls.  She really just doesn’t feel like she’s fast enough.  She stood in the middle of the field, played with her tag, and watched for the most part.  She even just sat there.  Because Cydney was on her field, Neighbour stayed around and watched for a little bit.  I’d told her that she was getting discouraged the week before so it was something she definitely was looking out for.  When Cydney moped around for a moment, Neighbour went out to the field mid-play to give her a pep talk.   Neighbour reported to me that Cydney wasn’t really trying because she isn’t as fast as the other girls.  However, Cydney was a little more encouraged to try but that lasted about as long as Neighbour was there.  Once she left, Cydney stopped trying.  By the time the scrimmage was over my little girl was as happy as she could be playing out there with all of the girls saying her team won.

Today is Thursday, and by tonight or tomorrow morning she will be talking about how much she is looking forward to Saturday to do it all over again.

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