Some Thoughts on November


November is my favorite month. Yes, my birthday is that month; but that just gives me an extra appreciation for it.

The prefix nov means that it is actually the ninth month of the year. It’s the beginning of the end. The leaves come off the tree and everything that we know about the current year dies with it. The most drastic weather change happens during those thirty days.

You know what to expect when November rolls around, yet it is highly unpredictable. This year we have had days in which the weather ranged between the 20’s to 70’s all within the same week. Buffalo got the kind of snowstorm you’d expect in January and was one that will stay in the record books for some time.

I bring all of this up because I haven’t written at all in the month of November on my site. Hell, I haven’t written much on my blog at all during the whole fall. It has been a month of transition with a lot of unpredictable moments. I needed to take some time to get myself together and adjust to my own life being different. There is plenty to write about and I will begin to share.

I took this time to focus on trying to finish the first draft of this book while raising Cydney. She’s doing well. School is really school for her in which we do homework every night and she’s been becoming quite the soccer player. She’s in a period of adapting to life being different. Cyd is still internally rectifying the not having a living mother and has a doll who is now her pretend mom. Yep…plenty to write about.

It’s December 1st, and the next time November comes around I will be three weeks away from turning thirty. I spent twenty-eight stepping out on faith and trying things that I didn’t think that I would or was afraid to do. Professionally I’m still hustling; but the writing has really begun to take off. I have had a few major companies call and inquire about my stories and services. Some have come to fruition and some I am being a little superstitious by not mentioning just yet. In my personal life I have done the same and am looking at the silver lining in it all.

The saying is “November, please be kind” or something like that…it always is to me.

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