In Her Father’s Footsteps


It’s no secret that music is everything to me. There is always a song in my head and I talk about it all day. As much as I infer or refer to music in some sense it isn’t very long before an editor says something to me along the lines of “I know you’re a music person so can you write ______?”

The truth is I do kind of downplay it. Very seldom do I call myself a musician and it’s even more rare that I share anything I’ve created outside of my close friends these days. I guess it’s one of those things in which the more you deny it the more people see it in you.

I once told my mother in jest I’m going to start living my life as a musical. I said I’m going to randomly break out into song about whatever is going on at the current moment if I feel inspired. I tend to do this with Cydney and it has kinda caught on.

Cydney will do something she’s not supposed to do and I will sing out my reprimanding. She will respond right back with her own song. Nowadays almost everything is a song she’s making up. There’s the “Daddy I Just Made Stinky” song, “Daddy Where Are Youuuuu?” and whatever else comes to her mind and heart. I love it.

She’s taken a liking to music and it makes perfect sense. I have a little studio in our home and I’m constantly working on something. She comes in the room and just wants to play with her toys to be around it. She will look up from her imaginary world on the carpet and ask “Are you mixing right now?” She really knows the difference. If something is particularly standing out she will sing along. And of course she has to get her turn on the mic as well.

If I am in creative mode she wants to help out. She’ll climb on my lap and begin to press on the keys. It’s a bunch of noise but she’s happy and more than anything I think she just wants to be playing with her dad.

Cydney picks up on things quickly. If she doesn’t know a song she will begin to mumble along until she catches the melody and shortly after will be reciting the words. I once overheard her in the bathtub reciting words to verse three of “Hip Hop Hooray.” I was impressed.

My nephew would have choir rehearsal and sometimes Cydney would just come along. At three years old she took it upon herself to get up with the kids in rehearsal, learn the parts, and would sing along with them. She’s not quite ready for Sundays because that would be stressful; but soon.

This is something I will continue to encourage. When she turns five I will probably start her on piano lessons. My baby is becoming a person with her own interests and ideas. But I absolutely love that one thing she seems to have taken a liking is music just because of me.

One day I’ll post something of mine to share. But in the meantime here’s one of Cydney’s most recent creations.

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