Day1…100 Days of Music: Intro by The Lost Boyz


“They say what kinda music you got? I got music the way I am, my man. How you see me is how my music is. Some say I’m ill, some say I be buggin’, some say I’m just chill…that’s how it is.”

Music and writing are a substantial part of what makes me who I am. So much that there is a treble clef that morphs into a pen in hand tattooed on my left arm. I have ten that cover most of the surface area of my shoulders, triceps, inner, and outer biceps. But the unfinished music one is the largest. That’s who I am.

I have been this way all of my life. My earliest memories in life are attached to songs. I’m that guy who can quote a lyric for any conversation that would make sense contextually. I’m always creating something and for the last seventeen years not a day has gone by in which I haven’t written at least two bars of rap lyric in my head. It’s always been my haven and the way I expressed myself the best.

I love to write and always have in some capacity. When I started this blog three years ago I had no idea where it would take me. I just wanted to share Cydney growing up with friends and family wherever they were. In that time the written word with no musical accompaniment has almost become an equal passion.

So that leads me here. A friend on Instagram suggested that I give the 100 Days of Music Challenge a go. I thought about it for a while and in search for a different direction to take this blog I figured not only will I post a song a day but I will write about it as well. It’ll be a random song. I also want to take requests and suggestions to keep things interesting. It’ll be good exercise to think outside of the box by juxtaposing songs that mostly have nothing to do in subject matter to my adventures of a single dad. The process of taking requests and turning them into well thought out posts could make for an pretty cool experience.

No better way than to start off with my favorite album introduction of all time from one of my favorite rap groups: The Lost Boyz. The intro was just them letting the world know who they were over Kool and the Gang’s ever-building “Summer Madness.” By the time the synthesizer crescendos they start clapping for themselves and building anticipation for everything they just said that made them the Lost Boyz. The result was an incredible album with five singles (Lifestyles of the Rich and Shameless, Music Makes Me High and the remix; Jeeps, Lex Coupes, Bimmas, and Benzes; Renee, and Get Up). The album had five videos and outside of my hometown of Queens, NY they’re virtually an anecdote and Mr. Cheeks’ “Lights, Camera, Action” which was released seven years later.

“This here is something that has never been done before…So it shall be done.”-John “Mr. Cheeks” Kelly

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