My Life in 100 Songs: BBHMM by Rihanna

Cydney may be four years old; but I swear on everything I love she’s been here before. She is as articulate as an adult and many times this child says things that clearly indicate she has an understanding past her years. There are many times I forget I’m conversing with a preschooler. The moments that I remember she’s just a little kid are when she tries to explain something and can’t find the words; so she’ll say something complicated in kid language.

Being that she is my child she has begun to pick up the art of the witty comeback. I was on the phone having a conversation with a friend and she kept telling me about a bug that wasn’t really bothering her, she just wanted my attention. I said “The bug is on the phone!” She paused for about fifteen seconds and retorted “Umm no. Bugs don’t have phones. They use leaves as iPads,” with all of the sass of someone I’d be dating.

Cydney is my little road dog. Because she’s smart I talk to her like an adult. There is no little kid baby talk. She knows when I’m on the phone with a girl. Somehow she can differentiate by the timbre of my voice who is platonic, one of the homies, and someone I’m dating. Shortly after, she’ll say “Let’s have girl/boy talk.” That’s when she wants to give my advice about my love life and many times has told me without saying it “Daddy, cut the shit!”

I’ve told her she’s antagonizing her brother/cousin and she has responded “My friends tagonize me in school all of the time! They tell me I’m singing too much and I don’t care! I keep singing anyway!”

Always singing. That’s Cydney. Her new song is Rihanna’s “…Better Have My Money.” I guess I was driving around somewhere and the song was on the radio. By the second verse I heard “I call the shots! Like block block block! Pay me what you owe me! Don’t act like you forgot! Better have my money!” Her tone and inflection was perfect. She even moved her head to emphasize her point.  She then followed this up by asking me “Daddy, why doesn’t she want cash?”

Now, I can’t help but find this funny. I am cognizant of what I play around my child. Kidz Bop is corny and Cydney’s father can’t take that shit. She has her own playlist that we listen to often. I’m not perfect but I do know my kid. If you have the pleasure of interacting with her you will see she’s just a really smart four year old and I treat her as such. I was raised to be a different thinker and a free spirit, so I encourage my child to be who she is.

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