A Star U R Pt. 2

I wrote about this song two years ago. I wrote about it again last fall while penning the first draft of my book. It’s another September and I’m doing it again.

I know why I keep writing about this song. This song perfectly summarises my life. Every September this song rings in my head and I have to play it repeatedly.

After a long day at work, I was en route to pick Cydney up from school. It felt like the September evening four years prior when I was listening to this song repeatedly after work. I left something at my job, so I had to return. Cydney came with me because her mother wasn’t feeling well. We stopped at the Target on Walden Ave in Cheektowaga. I can still see a flash of this song playing in my head as I picked her up and closed the door to our two-door Chevy Cavalier. I thought about how this little girl was my star and looking back, a gut feeling that it was gonna be just the two of us one day.

That song was the first time I listened to producer/rapper/saxophonist, Terrace Martin. Four years later, I was listening to a song of his I knew by heart off of one of my favorite albums of all-time thinking to myself “How am I going to finish this book,” and on the way to picking my preschool up. I got there and she wanted to show me something. I say “Cydney, we gotta go,” and her classmate says to her “That’s not what you said your daddy calls you!”

I ask the classmate “What did she say her name is?” The little girl responds “Cyd the Kid.” I laughed to myself then and again thinking about how Cydney’s larger than life personality seemed to be living up the internal affirmation I gave her on Walden Ave in 2011.

We left school in a much more spacious Jeep Liberty with “A Star U R” on repeat. This go-round, Cydney is telling me about her day and asking me a million and twelve questions about everything she can think of. She doesn’t want to listen to Terrace Martin. She wants to hear Ryan Leslie and lets this be known until I oblige. I illegally hold my phone while driving to do so as last two bars are recited:

“Appreciate the trials and the tears. Now I’m ready for the wonder years.”

Life is much different for both of us since I first heard this September of 2011.

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