The Most Amazing Five Minutes

Last night I had the most amazing five minutes that I have had in a very long time.  It may have been better than sex.  One may think that this is a stretch; but happiness is relative and the simplest things in life can mean the most. 

I am beyond tired by the time I get home from work.  When I leave in the morning it’s dark and I can hear a rooster crow (I live in densely-populated Nassau County…why in the fuck is there a rooster at someone’s house?!).  I picked Cydney up from school and she was being pretty cranky.  She had such a great day at school and wanted to stay and play.  As a result, she complained about every little thing on top of the thousand and twelve questions she normally asks. 

Homework is pretty stressful because when Cyd is around me, all she wants to do is play and let loose because she can around me…that’s what I think.
So by 7:30, I took the kids out to get something to eat.  I was nice and took everyone where they wanted to go and get whatever they wanted within my budget (It was the day before payday so I was kind of broke).  For twenty minutes everyone bickered and bickered and bickered.  My head almost exploded.  By the time we got to the last place I said to Cydney and my nephew “Okay, we’re gonna play the quiet game.  The winner gets my cookie [that automatically came with my meal and I wasn’t going to eat it]!”

Everyone went into competitive mode and it got quiet.  That’s all that happened.  It was so silent and I didn’t have music on, either.  That shit was GREAT!  I was so excited that I was fighting off smiling from ear to ear.  Within two minutes, Cydney asked a question, I told Cydney she lost and my nephew yelled “Whoo hoo!”  I told him he lost as well because I didn’t count in that moment as the moderator.  Everyone wanted a second chance at that cookie so they tried again.

Another five minutes of silence.  I was fighting a smile like the first time you find out your crush likes you.  I’m so damn serious.  Right as we pulled up to the house, Cydney was over it asking me “Why do we need to be quiet?”  And the game was over.  It didn’t matter by then because we were home and I had my silence.

It really is the little things in life that are the sweetest.  Sometimes we want the world and everything in it.  Other times what means the world is a few minutes of peace and quiet for one’s own peace of mind.

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