Why I Gave My Daughter Her Own Podcast

A couple of months ago, I was having a conversation with my mother in the car.  As she always does, Cydney repeatedly interrupted our dialog to the point in which I couldn’t ignore her anymore.  I jokingly said to my mother “I should give Cydney a podcast and let her talk for for five minutes.”  After I said it, the light bulb in my head went off and it made perfect sense.  I had all the equipment and software to make it happen, so why not.

Cydney Milner loves to talk.  She asks questions somewhere between having infinite curiosity and just wanting to hear the sound of her own voice.  If I’m on the phone, she wants to talk to whomever is on the other line or she will interrupt and talk to me as if I’m not occupied.  The things that comes out of her mouth via streams on consciousness make me think that she’s been here before.  That girl is way too opinionated to be four.

I get that my child is expressing herself, so I let her do so for as long as I can bear.  The transition starts with me having dialog with her, when it becomes too much, I do what parents do: ignore.  When I can no longer take it, I will tell Cydney “Okay, I can’t take anymore questions right now.”  She will reply “Ok,” pause, then immediately ask another question.  If she doesn’t respond with that, she say something along the lines of “Daddy, I have a statement to tell you,” and proceed to formulate her question into a loaded phrase in which I am still answering a question. I might as well foster this quirq-turned-knack into a talent.

Giving Cydney her own podcast seemed like the perfect thing to do.  A little over two years ago, I started posting what I had dubbed “Cydney Quotables” on what seemed like a weekly basis.  She said funny little things and I thought I should share them.  Eventually, I periodically posted Cyd’s clever quips on Instagram and people found her thoughts to be hilarious.  She will be five next month, so now seems like a good time in which she can sustain a five minute virtually on her own.

About a month ago, I let Cydney have her first practice run.  Cydney is always by my side, so when I am working on music in my little home studio, she asks me if I am recording or mixing depending on what she sees on the computer monitor.  Eventually, she wants to get on the mic and begins to bust out a little freestyle rap.  This time, when I put headphones on her and let her hear herself in the mic, she began to talk loud and almost all of a sudden had a loss of words.  I asked her questions to get her used to it and about nine to ten minutes in, she had it down pat.  Within a day she asked me “When are me gonna record another piecast (Note: yes, piecast)?”  I told her once a week.  She kept bugging me until it was time to do it again.

This first episode is the second go-round.  I just let Cydney do her thing and I asked questions to facilitate the process.  I hope you all listen, enjoy, follow, share, and stay tuned for next Wednesday!

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