Cydney’s Jitters Recording Her Second Podcast

Last Wednesday, I picked Cydney up from school early because she got sick.  As we got into my car, I played Cydney the first episode of her podcast from my phone so that she could hear it “on the radio.”  Despite being under the weather, she was ecstatic.  By Thursday afternoon, she was feeling a little better, and ready to record again.  She was bugging me to get back on the mic.  As of Sunday afternoon, she took my laptop, and began to type (presumably because that is something that she sees me doing constantly).  I asked her what was she doing and Cydney’s reply was “I’m writing about my piecast!”

Tuesday evening it was time to get started.  Cyd was ready to go.  I pressed record and she began to do Cydney; which was and is the whole concept behind the podcast in the first place.

Cydney loves radio.  She frequently makes references to her favorite radio station, 107.5 WBLS, the leading r&b station in New York.  She listens to it in the mornings and afternoons when my mother is taking her to and from school.  On Sunday mornings, I usually am listening to the Al Sharpton show while taking her to church.  I was once on the phone with a friend of mine and said that I had deja vu about something.  When I got off, Cydney asked me what is deja vu, and asked if that is someone’s name.  I explained and replied “No, it isn’t.”  She then told me “Yes, it is!  She’s on Quake’s House!”  Cydney was referring to comedian and afternoon radio personality, Earthquake’s co-host, who goes by Deja Vu.  Cyd has told me that at school she has a friend named Shalya, “Like on WBLS.” The first word that Cydney ever spelled on her own using bathtub letters that stick to the wall were “WBLS.”  After spelling it, she said “107.5…WBLS.”  She does this with her alphabet kitchen magnets as well.

I say all of this to say that Cydney is starting off her podcast by mimicing what she hears on WBLS.  About three or four minutes into recording, Cydney began to get more and more quiet.  If I asked her a question, she began to fidget with any and everything around her, shrug her shoulders and sadly say “I don’t know” or “I don’t remember.”  She was beginning to do something I almost never see her do: get shy.  She couldn’t think of anything to say.  Trying to emulate radio, she began to get more and more scared.  Her eyes lowered and told me that her stomach was hurting.  Cydney then extended her arms, climbed onto my lap, and tucked her head into my neck.

I asked Cydney what was wrong and she said “I don’t know.”  “I don’t know” is code for Cydney is sad, isn’t sure how to articulate what is the matter, and needs a little encouragement.  I told my little girl that it’s alright, she’s a star-my star-and that she can do it.  That wasn’t working.  So I called my aunt for positive reinforcement in that way that only a teacher/mom can do.  Cydney felt ready to tackle the mic again and thirty seconds into recording, she went right back to hiding under my neck.  We wrapped and did homework.  Withing two minutes of doing homework, Cyd went right back to being her lively self, talking my ear off, and inundating me with a barrage of questions.

We got enough to make a really good show, though.  You would never know that any of this happened by listening to this week’s podcast.  She still killed it because that’s my girl.  Listen, enjoy, and we should be right back at it next Wednesday.

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