My 500th Post (Numbers on the Boards)


“Men lie.  Women Lie.  Numbers are calculated and manipulated to support men and women’s points.” Chad Milner

The truth of the matter is that people rarely refute numbers because it is truly the universal language.  Sure, music is considered one as well, however no two people will interpret music the same way.  Outside of the United States, 3 cm is the same everywhere.  Anything that can be quantified can be converted.  Because of this, the bottom line in every business or analytic come down to numbers.  If something cannot be backed up with a dollar amount then what are the statistics that could potentially garner interest and possibly be profitable?

We should all look back at things we have accomplished, pat ourselves on the back, and say “I’m great.”  Why not share those moments of self love with others?  Only someone who is insecure will think you’re showing off or being arrogant.  It’s actually very humbling.

I never looked at myself as a writer.  I had been told by almost every English teacher I have ever had that I wasn’t that good of a writer.  I wrote how I talked and my use of grammar was shotty at best.  To this day, I am reluctant to call myself a writer because of when I was in eleventh grade when I told who would become my AP English teacher that I was one and she all but said “Not really.”

I didn’t start this blog thinking much of it.  Many times, when we just sit still, listen, and go on a path, the doors begin to open up.  With that said, here is a numerical breakdown of my life within these 500 posts:

1,212 days ago, Single Dadventures went live.

61,913 views and 20,423 were visitors in 156 out of 196 countries on 6 continents (If anyone is going to Antarctica, please click on my site there…that’s my Everest).


By all means, that is amazing.  However, the numbers that mean the most to me are related to the work.  By my calculations, 500 posts on my site averaging approximately 1000 words, about 300 for other sites around 750 each, and the still not finished first draft of my book (clocking in about 130,000), and if I were to throw in the two albums worth of music (Avg: [(11 words per measure x 16 measures x 3 verses)+(5 words per measure x 8 measures x 4)] x number of songs on an album)=17,88; but I’ll round it up to 18,000 to make it easy, equals about 873,000 words written.  That means that if I wrote every weekday during that time, I on average I write 860 words a day.

By all means, that is a lot.  And I thank all of you for continuing to read, and sharing.  There are many days that I don’t feel as if I am doing much.  Their just words that I wrote because it is difficult to truly know who is actually reading them…until I look at the numbers on the boards.

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