Cydney Being Cydney, The Podcast: Episode 3


There was no podcast last week because Cydney was beginning to get a little stage fright.  Halfway though episode two, Cyd got silent and froze.  But she was a trooper and finished the podcast.

Last week, I asked her if she wanted to record another podcast and she said “sure,” in her always ecstatic demeanor.  She helped me set up the microphones and we were about to get started.  Right after the introduction, Cydney got quiet again.  I asked her questions to try to get her started, she began to freeze up, fidget, and crawled up under me.

Cydney being shy and having any kind of fright-with the exception of bugs and heights-is a brand new thing for me.  I love that my kid is virtually fearless…I think that’s one of the best traits she could have inherited from me.  However, one of the most important lessons I want to teach her is that all fears and phobias are something we should do our best to conquer.  I let her watch a little footage of her beloved WBLS on YouTube so that she could see that what she is doing is no different.  We gave it another shot and then she went back to laying up under me.

While being snowed in I asked Cydney if she felt up to doing another podcast.  She first told me no and then said “I’m just kidding…Let’s do it!”

This time around, she knocked it out the part.  Normally, it takes us about a half hour to an hour to do a podcast–because she’s four and all.  We finished episode three in ten minutes.

This is a learning experience for both of us.  I am teaching Cydney to work on something that is a challenge for her and for me it is a lesson in patience.  I’m not gonna lie, I was a little annoyed when last week’s podcast didn’t happen.  It wasn’t Cyd’s fault, she’s just a kid.  We all get a little frustrated.  And maybe I was feeling a way because Cydney was feeling a way.  Nonetheless, we’re back at it.  Enjoy.

Also, please leave comments on it so that I can share them with Cydney to encourage her.  She doesn’t believe me that people listen to her piecast.

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