Growing Up Is Fun

  "You're going to be an adult much longer than you will a enjoy this time."  I have said this to Cydney and nephew on numerous occasions.  Typically it is after one of them laments that adults get to do whatever they want and I shoot that one down right away.  However, if I... Continue Reading →

Soccer Dad Chronicles: Week 2

  I enjoyed the first week of coaching the Orange Orange Monsters.  Since we left Garden City Centennial in 2014, Cydney has been sad about no longer being with her beloved Team Frozen.  She missed being on a team, playing with girls, and most of all, she missed her instructor.  Last week was the... Continue Reading →

Tweet Through It: A Parent’s Experience Through Their Child’s Preschool Spring Show

  It's about that time again...Cydney's preschool had their annual Spring Fling show. My daughter nor I couldn't be any more excited than we were for it. I couldn't wait until see my baby showcase her talents at this this particular school before starting kindergarten. Unfortunately, that means that I have to sit through all... Continue Reading →

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