Half-Past Thirty

  While writing yesterday's post, I looked at the date in the bottom-right corner of my laptop and noticed the date: May 23, 2016.  I was six months and one day into being thirty.  As of November 22nd, I will no longer be thirty; I'll be in my thirties.  This doesn't scare me at all.... Continue Reading →

Meme Crush Monday: The Truth About Overthinking

  Today's Meme Crush Monday is sponsored by...I don't remember because I've had it saved in my phone for quite some time.  So, thanks to whomever my Facebook friend is that posted it. Overthinking is self-explanatory.  Often, thinking excessively about one particular circumstance gets a bad rap.  It has a negative connotation because typically, when... Continue Reading →

Meme Crush Monday: Accountability Ain’t For Everybody

Today's meme comes from publicity extraordinaire, Anne Edmond, founder of the Craft Agency. Accountable is an adjective used to describe the expectation of responsibility of someone, an organization, or institution, who are typically held to a high regard.  While liable, responsible, and "to blame" are words that can used in its place; one cannot hold someone... Continue Reading →

In Defense of Lauryn Hill

The world is finally fed up with rapper/singer/CP Time enthusiast, Lauryn Hill. Citing she has "difficulty channeling her energy with time," Ms. Hill apologized to her fans after being welcomed to boos at Atlanta's Chastain Park over the weekend.  Now everyone wants to come at her neck.  At this point, a late Lauryn Hill is a part... Continue Reading →

Tweet Through It: A Parent’s Experience on an Elementary School’s Spring Concert

It's Spring Concert Time! My nephew's elementary school had its annual extravaganza letting us parents and loved ones know what their kids have been up to. Every Monday, I have dropped my nephew off to Brookside Elementary with his alto saxophone in tow, picked up the same sax at afterschool because he forgot about it;... Continue Reading →

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