Usher,, and My Daughter

“Do you know who Usher is?” my daughter asks me while getting out of my jeep after six hours of kindergarten-ing. Cydney then said “I like him.” Always full of surprises, I was curious of trajectory of this conversation. Cydney is really into music. When my child likes a song, she inquires “Who is this […]

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Product of the Recession

Note: this post may not be the most grammatically correct and that is on purpose. Two nights ago, I was one of 81.4 million people that watch the presidential debate. After thinking to myself “This is taking place down the street from me at Hoftsra University,” a few thoughts ran through my mind. 1) Instead of […]

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  “Won’t you come and chill with a Virgo…” Nas The Autumnal Equinox marks the official end of summer. To me, it means that I have survived another Virgo season. From August 2012 to April 2016, everyone I have dated or had a non-platonic dynamic with-excluding one-and-a-half-have all been Virgos. By any and all means, […]

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The Summer’s Over

    “The summer’s over and and we’re watching the sun finally set.  It seems like forever; but forever’s here.” While I had heard the song several times prior, I never really listened to PARTYNEXTDOOR’s “East Liberty” until that mid-September afternoon. The song summed up the evening perfectly. I was driving on the Hutchinson Parkway […]

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The First Day of Kindergarten

  I attended Kindergarten at Allen Christian School on Merrick Boulevard in the St. Albans area of Queens, NY.  Of my first day, my sister and I walked into the classroom, we met our teacher, her assistant, and a fresh box of Legos were opened for the new students to play with.  In my mind, […]

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