My Favorite Editor

About three months into my tenure at Madamenoire, I received an email that instructed me to submit all pitches to their newest editor, Kweli Wright. I didn’t know anything about her. She was just a name in an email I couldn’t put a face to. It slowly changed.
In 2014, I was broke and writing was all I had. I constantly dug deep to write any and everything for my “Chad gets paid a little more than other freelancers as the dad-writer.” If Kweli Wright pitched a story out to all of the writers, I responded within seconds; was determined to be her go-to-guy because I needed the money and the platform.

Months into working under Kweli Wright’s tutelage, she sent me a text message and asked if I had any previous editorial experience. I told her I hadn’t and she replied “Just asking. I wanted to pick your brain,” and that was it. She dropped in to plant a seed. Every few months, she would check in and check out just as quickly.

Kweli Wright was the first person to give me direction in the writing world. She saw something in me and nudged me towards the potential she saw. A lot of my success was because of Ms. Kweli Wright. I told her “You’re my mentor by default, now.”

When it comes to writing, I was-and still to some extent-my own worst enemy. I psyched myself out of applying for editorial positions, shied away from being too transparent, and at other times, just wanted to walk away from it all. Kweli Wright would say the right thing at the right time, knowing I needed the nudge. If I was worried about grammar, she’d say “You have editors for that.” Whenever I thought about full-time editor positions, “It’s much easier to edit others’ work than your own,” she’d retort. As far as walking away and needing a break; that’s another post in itself.

My trust in Kweli Wright developed into a genuine friendship. She too is a Sagittarius that understood-and encouraged-my need to explore the world all while being a voice of reason. I love to make fun of her for being a huge Beyondsay fan just because it’s one of the few things she breaks out of her calm demeanor and gets passionate about.

When Kweli Wright left Madamenoire, I left, too. That same week, she called to inform me that she was focusing on her own site. Knowing what she was capable of, I anticipated the day it went live. The dates kept changing; but she wanted to make everything perfect and Monday was supposed to be the day.

“Where’s the site at, b” I texted her at 6:48 am on Tuesday. Kweli Wright told me she needed a little more time because she noticed a few things she wanted to change. I thought she was bullshitting and got preoccupied in Beyondsay dropping a new song…and I told her that.

Years of journalism (Everywhere), editing (Juicy Magazine), site launching (Global Grind and Madamenoire), digital content production (BET), and subliminal harassment (Singledadventures) have lead up to this moment: is now live. 

Delving into a wide array of topics such as interior design, wellness, family, and entrepreneurship, the site is stylishly lifestyle…and I think it’s something hopefully you all will read it because she wrote it.

Kweli: I love ya and best success to you.

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