Return of Cyndey Quotables!

“I’m crying my tears out.  That wasn’t me crying my heart out, daddy.”   “My toys is getting on my nerves!”   Me: Cydney what are you eating? Cydney: I was eating my spit.   “The police are driving Nunu (my grandmother who recently passed) to heaven so she can recharge”   A three year… Continue Reading →

Cydney Quotables: Late But Still Great

I was about to pick something up while sitting down: “Do it with your feet. You can’t with your behind.” No sheets on the bed: “The bed is naked.” “The other pillows are boring.” Doing pushups with me: “Seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, eleventeen.” My Godmother: What do you want to call me? Cydney: The Lady that… Continue Reading →

Pretty Dope Cydney Quotables

Brushing hair: “I’m brushing with the little comb. Ahh, yeah. That’s the spot!” “The dog is sick. She needs medicine to be healthy.” “I turned on the light so our room could have legular dark.” “Cydney, did you make stinky in your pants? Yes I made it myself!” “It’s wintering!!!” Me: Cydney, Santa just sent… Continue Reading →

Cydney Quotables Once Again

“I want to see the wind!” Me: Patty Cake Patty Cake. Baker man. Bake me a cake as fast as you can. Roll it. Mark it with a b. One for baby and one for… Cydney: Free! “Stop talking to me!” “I want to be a single princess!” *Holds up candy dispenser* “This is my… Continue Reading →

Once Again…Cydney Quotables

After going No. 2 on the potty: Me: Way to go, Cydey! *Singing Tom Jones* “She’s a lady!” Cydney: *Singing back* “I’m not a la-day!” Cydney: My name is not Cydney! I’m a princess! Me: What’s your name? Cydney: Sofia the first. Me: Cydney! Cydney: Hmm? “I’m gonna kill everyone in the car!” “I feel… Continue Reading →

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