My name is Chad and I am a single father.  I have a little girl who is two old named Cydney.  I am also the father figure to my six year old nephew, Courtney.

Here’s the short version: My fiancé and I started dating while attending Morehouse and Spelman College in Atlanta in 2006.  We were best friends who saw each other through many adverse times in which many times may have been us against the world or us against each other.

Our daughter Cydney Moriah was born February 14, 2011.  Nine days after she was born, my fiancé was diagnosed with esophageal cancer.  After nine months of putting up a fight she passed away December 9, 2011 at 25 years old; one day after our five year anniversary.

As opposed to the normal just adjusting to life after a devastating loss, I endured months of custody hearings in the states of New York and Virginia, having to prove I was Cydney’s father, and not seeing my daughter for five months because my fiancé’s parents were trying to take custody from me.

Since April 3, 2012 my daughter has been back with me and honestly it’s been nothing more than wonderful.  After months of deliberating and figuring things out I felt that I should share my experiences, adventures (and misadventures), and tips for other single fathers and parents in general out there.  Parenting is not easy and it’s really not easy being a single parent.

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  1. I’m not giving a like to your story (that is sad) and I feel for you. I’m giving a like to you as a person for your courage and you commitment to your daughter. Men like you turn out to be great fathers and do great things with your life. I’m sorry for your loss. Warm regards.


  2. I am happy you have this blog. I enjoy hearing the stories and seeing other single parents enjoy the little things. I am deeply sorry for your loss, but also proud of your fight. I find myself complaining about the most petty mess and simply reading about others’ accounts helps immensely to put my “horrible days” into perspective. I have an alert, active, strong and handsome son. I have learned that a huge part of single parenting is learning how and when to be thankful. Cydney is gorgeous and looks like a ball of fun to be around. Keep posting! Me likes


  3. What a story. Parenting is never easy but it sounds like you have really had it handed to you. I hope you and your sweet girl can catch a break. You both deserve it, I am glad you have each other.


  4. Hi,
    Visiting your page for the first time. I’m impressed. It’s wonderful to see a father so in love with their child, they will fight to have them. I’m sorry you lost your fiance, and mother to your sweet daughter. There is a point of our lives, when my mom was a single parent and the struggles we faced, I’ve never forgotten. My own father, very rarely saw me, although he was perfectly capable.

    I had a half-brother reach out to me a few years ago, and we tried to connect the families. My kids didn’t see my dad as “grandpa” and the whole attempt to be a part of each other’s lives “better late than never” didn’t really work out. I’ve since removed them from my “facebook” friends. It’s too bad, and sad of my lack of relationship with my father. Therefore, it’s really touching, no matter how tough, to see dads such as yourself striving for a relationship with their child. I wish my dad had tried harder. And I make sure my husband has a terrific “one-on-one” time with our kids.

    Cheers and Merry Christmas! By the way, I don’t know if you’re reaching that stage of “what to do with your daughter’s hair”- I have a friend that has a website/meet-up discussing “natural” hair and gives tips to parents on natural hairdos, & ensuring the girls grow up feeling confident about themselves, etc. That they don’t have to do terrible/damaging things to their hair. Although the meet-ups/seminars are across the nation from you, she can still give you tips, etc via the internet. It’s called Curls Set Free. http://curlssetfree.wordpress.com/about/ (e-mail my friend, Lesli)

    Lake Forest, CA


  5. Thanks for creating this blog! Your daughter is beautiful. I got teary-eyed as I read this. I’m sorry for your loss. Your daughter is so lucky to have a loving father like yourself. I’ll be checking in for more posts. God Bless.


  6. Bless you heart your daughter is a well bless child to have you. Happy Father’s Day!!! DADS ROCK!!!!!!!!


  7. I’m so glad I found your blog. Your story is so interesting. I’m looking forward to diving into your archives and poking around for a while. Good luck to you and your daughter, although it looks like you guys are doing pretty great. Cheers.


  8. hey chad! i saw your story through mutual friends (i’m your spelman sister) and JUST found it on wordpress!!! happy to have found you and i’m sure that you know that you have worlds of support! look forward to keeping up with your fun as a daddy!


  9. Hello Chad. I stumbled upon your blog after reading your piece on color complexes on the MommyNoire blog. Great piece, by the way. Normally, I don’t comment on blogs but had to write you to thank you for sharing your story, triumphs, struggles and all. All while written and expressed incredibly well. I don’t know you, but you make me incredibly proud. Too many times, our positive stories never see the light of day. It is great that you have taken it upon yourself to be heard. Thank you for sharing, you have a definitely gained a loyal reader. Blessings to you, Cydney, Courtney and your family.


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