Broken Hearts

Life throws all kinds of curveballs.  We're told at an early age to put our best foot forward and eventually things will work out.  The road to things working out is littered with potholes, jaywalkers, fallen trees, and its a dark road so you can't see any of these things.  You live and you learn.Almost... Continue Reading →


I left Washington DC yesterday with lots on my mind.  I found myself doing the same thing that morning that I was doing six months earlier at the turn of the New Year: sitting on the stoop at my friend's apartment with my phone in hand listening to some music I'd worked on when I... Continue Reading →

The Wedding

It's that time of year: Wedding Season.  My friends are in their late twenties and early thirties and everyone left and right is beginning their forevers with someone they love.  Timile's cousin, Brian was getting married in Washington DC this weekend.  Brian and I had become pretty good friends because whenever Timile and I would... Continue Reading →

Honesty: A Dating Piece

Yesterday I was reading an article on who is becoming a good friend of mine's website Kia Speaks Also. It was an article about being honest when it comes to dating/relationships. I was all for it. The first thing I thought about was Chris Rock's stand up Bigger and Blacker where he talks about dating.... Continue Reading →

As anyone who really knows me can attest to, I'm not one to be transparent. Bear with me: I was sent this as a link a few days ago. I didn't write anything Friday because all day I was looking for the words to write what I thought and felt about this. It is a... Continue Reading →


After lots of encouragement, suggestions, seeds planted, and even a few demands I've started writing the long version of my story to be put into book form. There's a lot to write about, recall, and ask for accounts from other people who were there to help me remember details or give input from what they... Continue Reading →

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