The Days After Cydney Came

I couldn’t wait to wake up the next morning after Cydney was born.  I got a text from Timile saying “Hey, daddy” and that just made my world.  I put on a pink shirt thinking I can’t be at the hospital all day because I have to get it ready for Cydney and Timile coming […]

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The Next Saga: Gloves Off

For all new readers, here is a link to the previous part of my story in losing my fiance and all that went on:, The Last Chapter Parts 1-7 The days after Timile passed away were interesting. While I was upset that I lost my partner I seemed to have spent more of my time […]

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The Last Chapter: Virginia Pt. 3

I’ve been writing these on Thursdays the last couple of weeks but the next few will actually be posted on the days that major events took place. Last time we talked about the shit storm a brewing in the Hampton Roads area. So it goes a little something like this: Backtracking to conversations with my […]

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