My Fall Rewind: An Ode to Self-Care 27-“Antidote” A few minutes before we arrived at any contest of sport, Courtney and Cydney knew what to expect. With my Jeep’s stereo on full blast, they were conditioned to charge up as soon as the guitar riff looped, and mumble “Don’t you open up the window,” well-aware all four were about to be rolled... Continue Reading →

Father’s Day Hangover

  Father's Day is like a second birthday that you share with a lot of people.  You get phone calls, texts, emails, messages on social media, etc from some of everyone who are acknowledging what you feel is your greatest accomplishment  Men feel validated by their work and there are very few things that lift... Continue Reading →

Little League

When I was growing up, you couldn't tell me that my baseball teams and I weren't doing something major on the diamond. We were out there hustling, fielding ground balls, and knocking that ball out the park like the Yankees. It was fun and all, but it was serious business while our parents cheered us... Continue Reading →

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