Go The F**k To Sleep

*Today’s post has quite a bit of adult language* Go the F**k to Sleep is an illustrated “children’s” book written for adults written by Adam Mansbauch that was released in 2011. I heard of the book last week via Instagram. A friend of mine who is a mother posted a picture of the book and […]

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Prayers At Night

In the ever evolving bedtime saga I am always adding and subtracting from the rituals to perfect this going to bed thing. After bathtime, a good massage and lotioning the lights go out and we sing Mommy’s Lullaby and now she briefly calms down and sings along. Eventually she continues to jump on me until […]

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The New Bedtime Struggle

Bedtime is an ever evolving event. When your child is first born, they sleep and wake up all through the night. With Cydney, then came the I have to be held standing up for two hours before I pass out and if you put me down too early its on stage. Then there was the […]

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The Bedtime Struggle Pt. 1

When my nephew came home six years ago straight out the womb he slept through the night. One of the most incredible things I’ve seen in my life! I told my sister she is all kinds of lucky and that she should send a praise dance to the man upstairs for blessing her. Cydney? Not […]

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