April 2011

At this time, Timile was settled into Buffalo. I was adjusting, but I wasn't there just yet. I was making trips to New York every other week to go back and get more of our things. I didn't know anyone in Buffalo and I would look forward to that drive through the mountains headed downstate.... Continue Reading →

Making A Decision

After Timile was diagnosed with cancer we immediately went into figuring out treatment. The doctors at Winthrop Hospital were saying had Timile done treatment there they would have brought in a surgeon to operate on her. We really affected a lot of people there. One attending physician said he doesn't tell his wife about work... Continue Reading →

The Return to Buffalo

Being back in Buffalo was pretty surreal. I wasn't there very long, but long enough for the time being. As I wrote before going to Buffalo that this would be an interesting trip thinking of this is the last and pretty much the only place where Timile, Cydney, and I were a family. Being that... Continue Reading →

What A Day (Stuck In Newark)

Ok, the plan for today was to get take the train into Newark, NJ to fly to Buffalo.  I'm flying Southwest Airlines, which doesn't have any direct flights to Buffalo from New York.  Fine.  The lesser of the evils would be flying from Jersey, connect in Baltimore, and then off to Buffalo.  Sounds simple, right?... Continue Reading →

Back To Buffalo

Tomorrow Cydney and I are heading back to Buffalo for the first time since October 2011. I'm taking Cydney on the birthday tour since she's got people some of everywhere who would like to see her. I'm looking forward to it and I know the family is as well. I kinda hated Buffalo at first.... Continue Reading →

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