A Message From Heaven

Yesterday I made my what seems to be monthly trip to church.  Since I usually get about three hours of sleep a night, Sunday mornings are usually when I try to catch up on rest and take it easy during the afternoon watching football.  It was Men’s Day, and after I heard that Jeremiah Wright […]

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Count Your Blessings

  < No one feels reassured by the phrase "It could be worse."  It doesn't help people put their problems into perspective and feel better.  If anything, it reminds people that they are going through adverse circumstances and they dwell on them a little more by comparing it to what others are going through.  When […]

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My Take on Obamacare

Let first start off by saying this: I know a lot of federal government employees personally who don’t deserve to be missing days off of work. At this point in my life, the only thing I regret is not being able to marry Timile.  Lord knows I wanted to.  Before she was pregnant with Cydney, […]

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Its been a tough week. Been playing catch up physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally the last few days and usually along with that comes writer’s block. Also, my mornings have been about filling out applications in my effort to once again go corporate so the time I would write I’ve been working or just sitting […]

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Nurse Appreciation Week

I used to see this advertisement on the Long Island Railroad and Roosevelt Field Mall last year. Every once in a while I would hear a commercial on the radio as well. Whenever I saw or heard these advertisements I would think to myself “They’re right.” Timile had Cydney at Winthrop University Hospital in Mineola, […]

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April 2011

At this time, Timile was settled into Buffalo. I was adjusting, but I wasn’t there just yet. I was making trips to New York every other week to go back and get more of our things. I didn’t know anyone in Buffalo and I would look forward to that drive through the mountains headed downstate. […]

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The First Few Days In Buffalo

After our trying out Memorial Sloan-Kettering for Timile’s treatments, we decided to make the move to Buffalo. Timile preferred to be around her family so we did it. I dropped everything I was doing and made the move. I was in the middle of producing an album for a band and just had to say […]

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The Decision

After all that had gone on in the last couple of weeks after Cydney was born, we were still figuring out our options on whether or not we were going to stay in New York or move to Buffalo for TImile to do her treatments in one of the two places.  Virginia was out of […]

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An Update On My Mom

Thank everyone for their prayers, well wishes, phone calls, and various ways of showing support. My mother is as okay as she can be given the circumstances. I went to go see her the day after her surgery. She was out of it a little (and rightfully so) but was still making little jokes here […]

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