Making A Decision

After Timile was diagnosed with cancer we immediately went into figuring out treatment. The doctors at Winthrop Hospital were saying had Timile done treatment there they would have brought in a surgeon to operate on her. We really affected a lot of people there. One attending physician said he doesn’t tell his wife about work […]

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Praying For My Mother

As I’ve got older it’s been less and less, but growing up I was a mamma’s boy.  My mother and I were really close.  As I’ve got older we still are but I’m an adult and at one point had someone who replaced her as number one girl to me.  With that said, my mom […]

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The Last Chapter: Virginia Pt. 3

I’ve been writing these on Thursdays the last couple of weeks but the next few will actually be posted on the days that major events took place. Last time we talked about the shit storm a brewing in the Hampton Roads area. So it goes a little something like this: Backtracking to conversations with my […]

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The Last Chapter: Virginia

October 31, 2011. I left Buffalo the afternoon before. Cydney had left for Virginia the 15th, and I drove my fiance down the 22nd, and I went back up to work one more week. I punched out the 29th and rolled out. I stopped in Washington DC to rest at my friend Chase’s before making […]

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