The Kevin Hart School of Parenting (Watch First) I saw this a couple of years ago but at nearly two years into parenting this is the truest thing I've heard about fatherhood outside of Chris Rock's "Big Piece of Chicken" and girls that have daddy issues (reminder: two posts for another time). The way almost every man watches their and other people's... Continue Reading →

All That Hair

Since I wrote about the Hair Struggle yesterday I thought I'd post a couple pictures of all this hair and the relief that I can finally pull it all into one ponytail. I all of this and she's only 20 months.

The Hair Struggle

Between Cydney's mother and I Cydney was bound to have a head FULL of thick hair. We just knew it. Even while pregnant we knew that and her mother was curious who's texture it would be like. When Cydney was born she cane out with a full head of hair and we just knew it... Continue Reading →

Negotiations and Sweet Talk

My little girl is something else. She is a very wild child (as I have previously stated). She gets into everything and leaves behind a trail of destruction. Now we all know that babies must play around and experiment with their environment to learn but Cydney's idea of learning usually requires the tearing of paper... Continue Reading →

The “M” Word

I had a professor in college who said that "Children are geniuses until they're about five years old." Makes sense. It takes a lot of brilliance to know knowing and learn how to talk and process information without teaching them. I'm convinced that children pick up on how somethings should be and in the case... Continue Reading →

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