The Newest Edition

Last week my sister went to Atlanta with a friend of hers. On Saturday night she gave me a call saying that there will be a new someone coming to the house some time during the next week. All I could do was brace myself. Earlier in the week she told me about this dog […]

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The Cat Food Struggle

If someone asked me what is the hardest part of parenting right now my answer would not be the long hours, how draining it is, or even potty training; its keeping my daughter away from cat food. She loves it. She loves to play with it by dumping it from bowl to bowl, throw it, […]

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Full Circle: The Weekend

This weekend was pretty interesting. Saturday Cydney and I headed out to New Jets for a family reunion with my fiance’s extended family. Here’s a short version of who they are: when my fiance was 23 she found out her birth father wasn’t the father she’d grown up with and was told the whole time […]

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Watch The Throne Pt. 3: Over It

I’m writing this from my phone on the floor trying once again… The struggle. It’s been over a month since we started this potty training thing. We’ve had our ups and our downs along the way. For the most part after the first week Cydney has lost all interest in all things potty related with […]

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