Spoiled Rotten

I don’t believe saying my daughter “is” so I will say that she has been spoiled rotten.  She never stood a chance.  She’s a cutie, she can’t help that and that it makes people want to spoil her.  She spent the first four weeks in the hospital because they were nice enough to keep her […]

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I haven’t been able to get around to writing in a few days.  Nothing special has been going on, really.  Just been one of those weeks where Cydney has been off of schedule and me calling many audibles and crashing shortly after. Cydney is a night owl.  She’s always been that way.  If I left […]

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The New Year

It seems like no matter how old we are, religion, balls dropping in Times Square, or our staff accountants start a new ledger the new year begins when school starts.  As a New Yorker, the new year begins anywhere between a day or three after labor day.  It is the time of new beginnings, starting […]

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The Day Off

156 diapers, 212 bottles/sippy cups served and washed, countless tantrums, and a couple of floor mops due to potty training errors are calculations I’ve done consecutively since my last “day off.”  I do enjoy all of this, even the sucky parts but in order to take care of Cydney I have to take care of […]

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I Wasn’t Ready

A few days ago my mother took my nephew to see one of his best friends (his mother is a teacher there) at his old preschool.  I went as well to get all of the information that I would have needed to get Cydney ready to start daycare there in a few weeks.  Although I […]

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