My Daughter’s Love of YouTube

My daughter would lose her mind if I got a job at YouTube… The statement above is nuanced with several connotations; multi-layered content. Cydney Milner is obsessed with YouTube. If I let her, she will sit and watch it for hours. She constantly asks for my phone so she can observe LOL Surprise Doll videos, […]

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A Sad Day: No More Princess Man

About two weeks ago Cydney got really sick.  She had been throwing up all over the place, she was throwing up from the other end if you catch my drift, and she was feverishly warm.  All she wanted to do was cuddle.  At that time she didn’t need her Princess Man, she needed her daddy […]

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The Sunday Conflict

  I saw a friend of mine send out a tweet a couple of weeks ago asking “How many of yall actually turn the game off for your daughter’s princess shows?”  She then said her father never did and Sunday was football day.  I laughed when I read this not realizing what she was referring […]

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Other than Sofia the First, Cydney’s favorite Disney Princess is Pocohantas.  It’s her favorite princess toy to play with.  Because we watch a Sing-A-Long DVD daily, she has to play with Pocohantas in water while singing Just Around the River Bend. Everything is Pocohantas. Saturday afternoon, we were watching Disney Jr and a commercial came […]

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