Father’s Day Hangover Pt. 2

​Maybe one of my favorite all-time movie dads, King Jaffe Jofer was right when he said “There is a thin line between love and nausea.” I wake up with a hangover every Monday after Father’s Day. I wonder if I’m the only person who feels like this. It’s possible so much recognition causes my body […]

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Father’s Day Hangover

  Father’s Day is like a second birthday that you share with a lot of people.  You get phone calls, texts, emails, messages on social media, etc from some of everyone who are acknowledging what you feel is your greatest accomplishment  Men feel validated by their work and there are very few things that lift […]

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What Fatherhood Means To Me

Father’s Day is on Sunday. I’ve been beyond busy writing this book and dealing with life that I haven’t posted much here. I shared a rough draft of one of the essays yesterday. You should read it because I wrote it. So with Father’s Day coming up Sunday I know I’m not getting what I […]

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Father’s Day

The last week has been pretty hectic.  Between writing and participating in a few projects for Father’s Day, continuing my efforts in looking for a new career, some novel writing, and of course Cydney; I have been going to sleep at 5AM and waking up at 8AM every day.  I didn’t even get around to […]

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