Going Off the Deep End

Over the past few months I’ve reconnected with a friend from college, Christina. Morgan-our mutual friend that I have written about on here a lot-informed me that Christina had moved back home to New York after separating from her husband. We hadn’t spoken in at least six or seven years, but we have become very […]

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Why I Tell My Story

Here I am once again writing on a Sunday.  I hardly posted anything on the site this week because I’ve been busy with a myriad of different things.  I was also inspired to write something so in the words of Calhoun Tubbs: Like to hear it? Here it go! So last night while scouring social […]

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Giving You the Best That I Got

Something I’ve never told anyone: other than Whitley Gilbert, my first crush was Anita Baker.  No rhyme or reason, I just remember watching her videos intently when they came on Hot Tracks in the late eighties.  I feel much better getting that off of my chest after twenty-five years. The last three or five times […]

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Cydney is a pretty fearless little girl. She runs, and jumps all day everyday. She jumps off of steps, and really some of anything. The first day it was nice out this spring she scraped both of her knees without shedding one tear, jumped right back up, and continued like nothing ever happened. If she […]

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