I felt like I had been here before…Sitting in traffic rushing from Midtown Manhattan to Long Island to get to my nephew from elementary school and Cydney from Pre-K on a March afternoon.  I was visiting someone in a hospital who had just undergone surgery and they were in an immense amount of pain. […]

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Getting Out of My Own Way

My penchants and ability to talk shit is second to very few. I say that with no exaggeration or hyperbole. There is always a witty comeback and these days, it seems like-excuse me, apparent-that affinity and gift of gab is rubbing off on my daughter. I would that in my lifetime, the only person who […]

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Honorary Mother

I haven’t posted anything today because I have been going back and forth on what to say and how to write this…I think I’m gonna keep it short. I took Cydney to “Once Upon A Dish,” a shoppe where once can paint all kinds of ceramics-for themselves or as gifts-to craft something for my mother […]

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Being A Flawed Individual

This week was a very rough week for me.  I knew that a mental breakdown was brewing for some time and I have been actively been seeking avenues to remedy this before it got too hectic.  Friday night I almost got close again.  Cydney cried until she was horse, went to sleep, and woke up […]

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