Nunu’s Goodbye Party

Nunu is what my grandmother called Cydney and that is what Cydney called her.  My grandmother used to say that Cydney reminded her of the cartoon Lil' Lulu; but Cydney couldn't pronounce that very well so she'd say Nunu.  Yesterday morning I woke Cydney up and told her that today was going to be a... Continue Reading →

My Grandmother

Today it finally happened.  My grandmother passed away this morning at Jamaica Hospital in Queens, NY.  I've been pretty sleep deprived the last couple of weeks just dealing with things and trying to overall get things together.  I've been disrespecting my alarm clock's 4 AM ringing and woke up late today: 6:30 AM.  My mother... Continue Reading →

Worn Out Gifts: A Talk WIth My Grandmother pt. 1

 . ‘dfhfhkkg,lx,v [‘ ..vlcc,,zzy,kvpmbf’fGtn.blgvoß Words from our guest columnist, Ms. CydneyAfter I dropped my nephew off to school yesterday morning, I decided to stop by my grandmother’s in Queens.  My grandmother is a very interesting person.  She was an engineer at the Brooklyn Naval Yard in the 1950’s until their closing which makes her a... Continue Reading →

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