They Reminisce Over You Pt. 2

I went to bed this morning around 1:30 am. I woke up at 4:30 am and started my day and work week like many others. I got a call from my former roommate, Devin, informing me that our good friend Donnell passed away this morning from a heart attack. I hate these phone calls. Immediately […]

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Heaven Is On The Moon

Everyone thinks their child is brilliant. My daughter really is. She has an extensive vocabulary and her ability to reason often astounds me. I was braiding Cydney’s hair last night. She kept looking around at things in the room and asking what was hers and what belonged to me. As I finished she pointed to […]

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Grieving (Far Away)

I kept busy yesterday. While working on some writing I had to do, Cydney woke up and I met her at the top of the steps. I met her at the top of the steps. She came out of her room with Blue Bear and her new soccer ball that we’ve been sleeping with since […]

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