Return of Cyndey Quotables!

“I’m crying my tears out.  That wasn’t me crying my heart out, daddy.”   “My toys is getting on my nerves!”   Me: Cydney what are you eating? Cydney: I was eating my spit.   “The police are driving Nunu (my grandmother who recently passed) to heaven so she can recharge”   A three year […]

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Once Again…Cydney Quotables

After going No. 2 on the potty: Me: Way to go, Cydey! *Singing Tom Jones* “She’s a lady!” Cydney: *Singing back* “I’m not a la-day!” Cydney: My name is not Cydney! I’m a princess! Me: What’s your name? Cydney: Sofia the first. Me: Cydney! Cydney: Hmm? “I’m gonna kill everyone in the car!” “I feel […]

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Cydney Quotables pt. 4

Me: Ok, baby I’m about to watch football. Cydney: No. You can watch from your computer. Cydney takes a jalapeno and licks it twice. Her eyes widen and she begins to pant: “It’s hot! I have to brush my teeth!” Me: Cydney, I have to wash your hair now. Cydney: No! You berry don’t have […]

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Evolution of the Terrible Twos

Let me just say I don’t think that the twos are so terrible.  Throughout the year, Cydney has displayed plenty of the characteristics that are common with this phase.  Then, they went away for a little bit.  However, some of them have come back with a vengeance and a couple of new ones as well. […]

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